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Annual Convention AJHF 2019 Japan

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The AJHF 2019 convention (All Japan Harmonica Federation), will take place in the hotel Langwood Tokyo, 5-55-5 Higashi Nippori Arakawa-ku TOKYO
Saturday 19th, the traditional opening concert, featuring, among other players: The Harmonica Band Sakura Orchestra, Trio 99, Champ de Fleurs Quartet.
Then, soloists chromatic : Motoki Nakanishi, Akemi iwata and Soloist diatonic, Takamoto Mizuno.
This concert is the annual appointment for the japaneses harmonica virtuosos in April, cultural month in Japan for tourism, flowering cherry trees celebrations (hanami) and holidays , etc...
Sunday 20 morning: annual Convention General Meeting during which will be read the traditional report of Jean Labre, concerning harmonica activities in France and Europe. Followed by an award ceremony to AJHF association deserving members.
Sunday afternoon: meetings, instrumental masterclass, programming of 2019 activities, etc... To finish with the traditional convention dinner concert.
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Published March 6th 2019


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