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Tokyo Convention AJHF 2016

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The AJHF convention (All Japan Harmonica Federation) will take place in the hotel « Lungwood Nippori », Tokyo, April 23th and 24th.
On Saturday 23th : Traditional Opening Concert at the « Yaruto Hall Theater » (Higashi-Shimbashi), Tokyo, in collaboration with « Japan Harmonica Arts Association ».
Sunday 24th : Convention general meeting during which Jean Labre will inform on the situation of harmonica in France and Europe, followed by a meeting seminar and an instrumental master class ; stalls will be selling different harmonica trademarks, CD, DVD, various publications, etc. To finish with the traditionnal Convention Dinner Concert. Guest Jean Labre.

For more information contact :
Published March 9th 2016

Iran 1st Harmonica Festival

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"If all the guys of the world wanted to join hands..."
Welcome to our Iranian friends who are joining us in our harmonica world. Our instrument has no borders, let's rejoice in it.
It is in Téhéran city, Iran Republic, that will take place, April 28th, the first harmonica Festival, harmonica being henceforth recognized as a full-fledged instrument on our planet. This is on the theme of chromatic harmonica, held by Soban Heidari talented player, that the Festival runs, inviting the public to discover an instrument mixing perfectly with the local folklore and classical music.
Harmonica players from France are joining me to wish you and your dynamic leader Soban Heidari a very happy festival

Jean Labre
France Harmonica Founder President
Published March 5th 2016

Harmonicas de France Orchestra

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This famous orchestra conducted by Pierre Couteau had just taken a new dimension by merging with the group « The Lutéciens » of Paris. The Lutéciens became recently an association under the leadership of its new president Jean Saquy.
The new Harmonicas de France orchestra will participate, during two days in seminars and masterclasses, ending with an evening concert, at 9pm, on March 18th at Cozes 17120, and the 19th at Pons 17800, France.
The orchestra conductor is Pierre Couteau attended by Charles Le Croller leader of "The Luteciens".

Published March 4th 2016

Festival Harmonicas de France 2016

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This Festival will take place in Montlhery 91310 France, May 20th to 22nd.
The Festival proposes :
- Friday 20 : 7pm, welcome dinner/concert at the restaurant « Le Liceas », 22 Bel Air street, Z.I. L'Eglantier, Lisses 91045.
- Saturday 21 : Cultural Center Michel Spiral Montlhery,
9am, open Championship Harmonicas de France, 2pm Open stage, 3pm, masterclass Antoine Leroux/Mario Scillia.
8pm, Gala Concert, featuring : Duo « Guit'Harmo », Nami Miyata, Antoine Leroux and « Duo Romance ».
- Sunday 22: association Yearly meeting.
Welcome to our Festival
Please, don't hesitate to contact us if you need more information : tel : 09 82 55 54 36
Photo poster H2F
Published February 11th 2016

Batofar Show

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The Batofar is a boat with a lighthouse fixed in the middle of her bridge. It's a place for artistic meetings, where artists are submitted to an applausemeter system at the end of their show. Having obtained a great success in last December, the group Armos has been asked by the dynamic team of the Batofar, to play again on February the 20th, at 7pm.
Armos ensemble have been highlighting the qualities of the harmonica since 2004, with a particulary rich repertory from classic music to jazz and variety. The players are : Pierre Rochas, Gerard Margnoux, Dominique Lannes (chromatic/diatonic) and Pierre Auger (guitar).
The Batofar is docking at O'Sullivans Backstage, 92 boulevard de Clichy, 75018, métro Blanche. Paris.

Welcome to the Batofar
Photo c/o Armos
Published February 10th 2016

Francfort MUSIC MESSE 2016

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"Musikmesse" in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, is the leading international tradefair for musical instruments, sheet music, music producers and marketing. Most harmonica brands are ready to welcome you in their booths, among them : Hohner, Seydel, Tombo/Lee Oskar, Susuki, Hering, etc.
For over 30 years, a lot of enthusiastic visitors from around the world have been coming to this largest and most important international meeting place for the musical instruments industry. Here is where artists are celebrated and here is where the younger generation is inspired to make music.
Experience this unic spirit from April 7th to 10th 2016, where everything is about music and musical instruments. From pure craftsmanship to digital music production, from business contacts at the trade fair stands to performance in front of visitors on the numerous stages.
Spirit of music.. Vibrate to the rhythm of the world !

Information :

Photo Jean Labre
Published February 5th 2016

Trossingen New Harmonica Museum

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Our old Harmonica and Accordion Museum will be closed definitely Sunday November 29th 2015.
The new one at the new place Bau V in the former Hohner plant will be opened at the end of April (maybe early May) 2016. "Please cross fingers" Martin Häfner dixit...
We will have a "last hurrah" in the old museum's building on Sunday Nov. 29th with master harmonica maker Günther Bayer and some live music. Just before the old museum opens the last time (1.30 p. m.) a come together in our new rooms with flea market and information around the museum's project. (11.00 a. m.)
The evening before, Saturday Nov. 28., 7.00 p.m., we'll have a very special concert for the benefit of our new permanent exhibition: Walter Buchinger (Austria) and Rainer Schubert (Germany) will play with a team of 25 musicians a Chordomonica Concert to celebrate "50 years Chordomonica" and two more anniversaries. 50 years harmonica in outer space (Dec. 16 1965) and the 50th anniversary of Director Ernst Hohner's death (the famous grandson of founder M. Hohner who died on October 16th 1965).
If you cannot join the good bye events end of November 2015, come to visit the new museum and our many events next year.
We hope for donations of fans and enthusiasts worldwide to get the missing equipment and to be able to re-finance the high costs of this new "Mecca" for harmonica/accordion-history interested people.
Springtime 2016, when the opening date is fixed, we will have a big ad. campaign. I'll keep you updated.
Best regards (I'm glad to see some of you these days at the Harmonica Masters Workshops in Trossingen)
Martin Hâffner
Director German Harmonica and Accordion Museum
Photo c/o Hohner Trossingen
Published November 10th 2015


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The arrival of "Beaujolais Nouveau" wine*, on the 16th of November, has now become a global event and Japan has not escaped this festive tsunami.
In November 1999, an Air France cargo Boeing arrived in Tokyo Narita airport, loaded with 145 tons of Beaujolais Nouveau.
I was invited that evening to take part in a musical party organized by Air France, to celebrate the event, in Tokyo New Otani Palace.
A memorable evening...
In the plane, returning home, came to me the idea to organize the same celebration in Paris, every year. Thus was born the first musical "Harmonica-Beaujo" evening, held 1n November 2000 near Paris, in Enghien at the Octopus restaurant. Many will follow. Every year, because of the constantly increasing success, we had to change to gain space, from the Octopus to the "Boeuf Couronné", then the "Venezia", "La Butte" theater, "O'Cantina Cafe", etc. Great mmoments shared with Albert Raisner, Claude Garden, John Walton, Alexandre Thollon, the Hotshots, Nami Miyata, etc. Friends from all around the world.
This year marks the sixteenth anniversary of this event (dinner/ concert)November 21. It will take place in the restaurant :
"Arts et Sciences Réunis" 161 avenue Jean Jaurès 75019 Paris.

If you feel like it, you still have the opportunity to take part in this harmonica " rendez-vous ".
Information/reservation :
(33)9-8093.9182 or
Welcome to Harmo-Beaujo
Jean Labre

* Beaujolais Nouveau, or Beaujolais Primeur, is a wine with a guarantee of origin, produced in Beaujolais vineyards, the grape variety is Gamay. It is traditionnaly put for sale worldwide on the third thursday of November.
Published October 22nd 2015

Harmonicas Ressources Center

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On Saturday, October the10th the Condat Harmonica Ressources is organizing a day of conference debate in the library "Le Bateau Livre", in Condat (87920) France.
The theme of this debate will be : "Musicians and Concerts Organizers". Program : what are the relationships between the musicians and the shows organizers and what are the issues in a period shaken by globalization and new technologies booming.
After a mini conference, Laurent Cagnon, the organizer of this meeting, will moderate the debate with his guests : Frederic Buisson, guitarist, singer of the group "Chaotic Foot Stompers", Claude Gélébart, singer, comédian, Eric Vacherat, singer, guitarist, figure of the Blues in France, leader of the group "Bourbon Street", which contributed to the coming international artists such as Joe Filisko and Brendan Power, godfathers of the 2014 Harmonica Festival in Condat.
Do not miss this appointment, on the 10th of October.

Information: & tel (33)5- 55 31 96 07
Published October 7th 2015

Orchestre Harmonicas de France

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Harmonicas de France Orchestra was born under the leadership of Pierre Couteau and Charles Le Croller both experienced harmonica players. In 1965 Pierre Couteau was awarded the world champion prize in Delft, Holland, with his legendary trio « Les Trois de l'Harmonica ». These World Championships are held every four years under the auspices of the FIH (Federation International of Harmonica).
The orchestra « Harmonica de France » comprises 12 harmonica players with Jean Saquy, Michel Sanchez, Alain Chaulet as soloists*... Without forgetting the three women in this group, icing on the cake, adding a tat more of everything to this orchestra.
The Harmonica de France Orchestra will be featuring in the concert which will take place in the Chambles church at Saint Just Rambert, 42170, near Saint Etienne city, France.
Information: contact Jean Saquy (33)6-03 24 55 37
* Chord Roger Poinot, basse Marcel Depret
poster c/o harmonicas de France
Published September 26th 2015

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