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Mile-Hight Harmonica Adventure

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Organized by "The Mile High Harmonica Club", this yearly convention SPAH (Society for Preservation and Advancement of the Harmonica) will take place at the Crown Plaza Denver National Airport Hotel, Denver 32123 USA.
Every year, people coming from everywhere are meeting there at this Uncle Sam "rendez-vous". As usual an attractive concert, seminars, workshops, open stages, tourism, will be proposed to you. Not to forget the delicate attention reserved to women, " The Ladies Breakfast ", so dear to the missed Pete Pedersen, created at his initiative.
A visitor package for all of these events, banquet dinner included, will cost you 175€ for SPAH members, and 225€ for others.
Information contacts:
SPAH Convention Registrar P.O. Box 865 Troy MI 48099-0865 USA.
Before July 31.

Poster c/o SPAH
Published May 13th 2015

Exhibition Harmonicas Making Process

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This exibition will be held from the 6th to 30th of May 2015 in the bookshop "Le Bateau Livre", place de la Libération, 87110 Condat sur Vienne FRANCE.
Tuesdays, Thursdays an Fridays from 2.30 to 6pm, Wednesdays, Saturdays from 10 to 12 am. This event traces the evolution of our instrument manufacturing, from the beginning in Germany in the 19th century to nowadays. With educational boards, rares documents and instruments.
Information; (33)5- 55 31 96 07 &
Published April 23rd 2015

2015 AJHF Convention

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The AJHF Convention (All Japan Harmonica Federation) will take place in the hotel "Lungwood Niporri", Tokyo, April 18th and 19th 2015.
Program on Saturday the 18th : traditional Opening Concert at the "Yaruto Hall Theater", Higashi Shimbashi, Tokyo.
Featuring: Minemitsu Tantbe, Hiromi Terasawa, Tsunehiro Umea (soloists) & duo Sora & trio The No Brands & quintet Sora
Sunday 19th : Convention general meeting during which Jean Labre will make a presentation of harmonica in France and Europe ; followed by a meeting seminar and an instrumental masterclass ; stalls selling different harmonica trademarks, CD, DVD and various publications, etc.
To finish with the traditionnal Convention Dinner Concert.

For more information contact.
photo poster AJHF
Published March 17th 2015

ARMOS Concert

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The Armos quartet have been highlighting the qualities of the chromatic harmonica since 2004, which a particulary rich repertory from classic music to jazz and variety, including compositions of Pierre Rochat talented harmonica and violonist player. The other players of this quartet are Gérard Margnoux, Dominique Lannes (both chromatic), and Pierre Auger (guitar). Guest, the "Duo Intermezzo" Regine and Jean François Laurion.
This concert will take place in "Notre Dame du Bon Secours Chapel", 68 Des Plantes street, 75014 Paris, at 7,30pm.

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You are invited to a final orchestral participation for the last piece "Tous Ensemble" (composer Pierre Rochat)). If you are interested you just have to choose one voice out of the 4 proposed on the music sheet, herewith.

Tickets 10€ : Concert organized to the benefit of the Association "Les Petits Frères des Pauvres" .
Published February 27th 2015

Festival Harmonicas de France

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As indicated in our calendar, the yearly Festival "Harmonicas de France" will take place in Gandrange, 57120 France, May 29th to 31st, in the Cultural Center Daniel Balavoine situated in the center of the city.
The Festival includes :
- Friday 29, 5.30pm : Welcome concert dinner at the Cultural center.
- Saturday 30, 9am : National Harmonica Championship. 2pm : open stage.
3pm : Masterclass Alexandre Thollon & Mario Scillia. 5pm : cocktail Championship awards.
8.30pm : night concert, featuring: Lorraine Harmonicas Orchestra & Flash Harmonica Trio & Pat Hannak.
- Saturday 31, 10am : yearly general meeting.
Welcome to the Harmonicas de France Festival

Information, reservations :
Poster c/o H2F
Published February 11th 2015

Harmonica Festival Ampoigné

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This Festival will take place in Ampoigné France 53200, from 29th to May 31st.
The organizing committee will offer a lot of attractive activities during these three days. Program:
Friday 29 : 2pm : Meeting "Harmonica story" in the local school, animated by Jean Labre and Zazapat.7pm : musical diner followed by a dancing party animated by Zazapat and Harmonanard.
Saturday 30 9am : Harmonica championships, all categories.
3.30pm : Antoine Leroux chromatic masterclass. 9pm : City Concert Hall, International concert, featuring : Jean Labre, Antoine Leroux, Nami Miyata, Rif4Tet quartet.
Sunday 31 10.30am : local Church, Hungarian classical music, featuring Udo Pohlman. 12am : aperitif, lunch. 2pm : Open stage. 4pm : awards ceremony. 5pm : concert, featuring : championships winners.
Information, reservations :
Phone : (33) 1- 42 03 10 06
Published February 8th 2015

Merry Christmas

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« Without gifts, Christmas would not be Christmas... »
Mario Scillia, unexpected Santa Claus, offers us a book with a CD including 10 carols ( Silent Night, O Christmas Tree, When the Saints, Jingle Bells, Amazing Grace, We wish you a Merry Christmas, etc.) plus backing tracks and scores, a pleasure to share with your family during the Christmas holidays
If you feel like it you can order it directly to Mario :
It will cost your 25 euros, postage incuded.

You will find other gifts ideas into the site by clicking on « News » or « Shop ».
Merry Christmas
Jean Labre
Ciao Ciao a Tutti
Mario Scillia

Published December 10th 2014

Harmonica Golden CD

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What has been lived intensely reappears from time to time over the years. That is the case today with the « Mariane Melodie » french label offering us a box of 2 cds, titled « Disque d'Or de l'Harmonica » » in which you'll find timeless fifties titles, with : the Raisner Trio, Toots Thielemans, Larry Adler, Borrah Minevitch, Claude Garden, Dany Kane and the Hill Billy's Trio. Memories are made of this... Congratulations to its director Dany Lallemand.
This set is proposed at the price for each CD of 14,90 euros (direct control from the producer).

Contact : Marianne Melodie 59687 Roubaix Cedex 2 France & Tel : (33)8- 92 350 322
Fax : (33)8- 92 020 075 & & Amazone.
Published November 26th 2014


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Condat sur Vienne, France, where has taken place the traditional festival « Harmonicales » led by Laurent Cagnon, renowned harmonica player; four days during which our instrument was featured, boosted by the presence of Brendan Power and Joe Filisko, the two « godfathers » of this event.
Launching pad somehow of the PRH (Resources Harmonicas Center). « The first in France and it is in Condat ! » has proudly announced Laurent Cagnon, founder of Harpedge association. The PRH is based on a partnership between the city, the library « Le Bateau Livre », Harpedge association and Harmonicas de France Federation. The aims of the project are to consolidate this association and to make available to french harmonica players and other people interested in this project, information documents, books, magazines, photos, videos and objects related to the harmonica. If you are interested in this project you can contact Laurent Cagnon : &
Tel : (33)5- 55 09 99 34
Published October 23rd 2014

Concert Nami Miyata

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This concert « Organ and Harmonica » will take place on September 28th at Saint Lubin Church, Rambouillet 78120 France. 3pm. Featuring Nami Miyata, Harmonica & Yves Pelras, Organ.
The program offers pieces of Jean Sebatien Bach, Haendel,, Piazzola and Spivakovsky.
Free entrance- Reservation : (33)664135145 &

Who is Nami Miyata...
After brilliant musical studies at Tokyo, Nami Miyata is now living a dream from long ago : to live in Paris and to go to the main sources of the occidental culture. Nami an accomplished pianist and talented harmonica player, is also an accompanist of a rare delicacy. She participates in harmonica shows in European and Asian festivals. She had accompanied the greatest harmonica players (mainly the famous Claude Garden), and recently Opera singers in France. She created the harmonica group « Comment Allez-vous ? » (How are You ?) in Japan). She gave in France highly acclaimed,concerts in the « Japan Space » and « La Comedia » Theater, in Paris, with the French/Japanese Harmonica Trio « The Parisians ».
Admitted in musicology at the University Paris 8, she is writing a thesis on « Harmonica in Jazz ». Nami Miyata teaches harmonica, diatonic, chromatic, tremolo and piano.
Contacts : tel (33) 06 09 55 27 83 &

Illustration Yoshimi Katahira
Published August 29th 2014

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