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Happy New Year, Bonne Année, Feliz ano nuevo, Glückliches Neues Jahr, Aengboghan Schae, Felic Any You, Xin nian kuai le, Sae Heh Bok Manh-i Bat-Uh-seyo, Buon Anno, Tahun Baru Gembira, Gelukkig Neowjaar, Akemashite Omedeto, An Nou Fericit, Onnellista Uutta Vuotta, Bhliain Nua Sàsta, Novus Annus , Mutlu Yeni Yil, Happy Year Omusha, Furaha Ya Mwaka Mpya, Bonan Novjaron. Read more ...
Published December 24th 2017

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This Festival will take place in the city of Cluses, Hight Savoie France 74300, May 19 to 21. This event has the peculiarity that the city of Cluses is twinned with the city of Trossingen, Germany, since 1974. Read more ...
Published May 11th 2017




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An Harmonica in The Paris Garnier Opéra
For the first time in its long history, Paris Opera Garnier has welcomed a musical instrument born as itself in the 19th Century : the Harmonica of Antoine Leroux, very talented harmonica player.
This event took place from March 7th to April 1st. Twelve performances during wich Antoine has played Tchaïkovski's « Waltz of the Flowers »,from Nutcracker Ballet, Antoine Leroux himself evolving on stage among the dancers of this prestigious Opera House.
A world premiere in this Opera Garnier, a historical monument as the Carnegie Hall in New York, classified Historic Landmark,in wich Larry Adler and Buddy Green obtained a triumphal success, without forgetting Claude Garden at Boston with the « Boston Pop Orchestra ».
It was the same for Antoine Leroux, complimented at the end of the last performance by the Opera Director and the artistic director.
Such prestigious places contribute to put on the front our instrument for the general public.
It can't be said now that our instrument did not collect its credentials... Finished with the ugly duckling contempt...
The Opera Garnier... The « Holy Grail » !

I have been waiting for it a very long time.

Jean Labre

The harmonica in its present form is born in Germany in 1821, invented by Christian Friedrich Buschmann. But do not forget that its free reeds ancestor, the sheng, is born in China 4500 years ago, invented under the reign of Emperor Huangdi. Later on It will be followed, in the seventh century AD, by the japanese shö. Harmonica, sheng and shö are identical in design, based on the free reeds principle blow-inspire. It's the only instrument in the world offering this possibility.
Published June 10th 2016



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Read more ...Claude Garden Biography, 1937-2004-(1)
Back in 1952. A day of this particular year remains deeply engraved in my memory . It's a Saturday afternoon ; we are in an harmonica club called
" CHARM ", founded by Albert Raisner, when Claude Garden appears for the first time in our harmonicist universe, pushing the door of this legendary place, rue des Petites Écuries in Paris. Read more ...
Published December 16th 2014

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The first 20 years of the nineteenth century were prolific in inventions, starting with the harmonica and its many derivatives, fruit of imaginative inventors and perfectionistic to the extreme . Read more ...
Published February 19th 2012

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"Albert left us, in the early hours of this new year, at the age of 88. A life of emotions, discoveries and music. A life dedicated to the harmonica, an instrument so close to his heart, his public and his children. Read more ...
Published February 11th 2011

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