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Read more ...Yearly Convention SPAH

The annual SPAH Convention is the most important harmonica meeting of the year in USA.
The 2018 SPAH Convention will take place in St Louis Missouri USA, from the 14th to the 18th of August, in the "Sheraton Westport Lakeside Chalet". Read more ...
Published May 2nd 2018

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The AJHF Convention (All Japan Harmonica Federation) will take place April 22st, at the Lungwood hotel, Nippori, Tokyo.
Program : the Convention general meeting during which Jean Labre will make a presentation of the harmonica situation in France and Europe. Read more ...
Published April 3rd 2018




August 14th - 18th 2018
Yearly Convention SPAH
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Night Organs
Unexpected encounter on that winter evening during which it was not recommended to put your nose out, solstice whim.
Whatever the case may be, we posted complete in the beautiful Passy Annunciation United Protestant church in Paris.
In the program were two instruments, two different kinds of organs symbol of the free reed, each believing to be alone in the world, until now ignoring the existence of the other. But that night they
discovered what it was. For the first time, the mouth organ and the great organ met during this unforgettable evening in front of a conquered audience.
Imagine the planet smallest instrument in Nami Miyata's hands, virtuoso of our mouth music, face to true Goliath, the great organ of Yves Pelras, playing pieces of our classical heritage, in perfect harmony and, more than that, Antoine Leroux who came to join them. A great world premiere, concluded by a never ending standing ovation.
Many thanks to Jean Brunet, Harmonicas de France new President, master in event logistics, organizer of this unforgettable evening.

What a night, we'll talk about it for a long long time.
Jean Labre
Published March 8th 2018



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Read more ...Claude Garden Biography, 1937-2004-(1)
Back in 1952. A day of this particular year remains deeply engraved in my memory . It's a Saturday afternoon ; we are in an harmonica club called
" CHARM ", founded by Albert Raisner, when Claude Garden appears for the first time in our harmonicist universe, pushing the door of this legendary place, rue des Petites Écuries in Paris. Read more ...
Published December 16th 2014

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The first 20 years of the nineteenth century were prolific in inventions, starting with the harmonica and its many derivatives, fruit of imaginative inventors and perfectionistic to the extreme . Read more ...
Published February 19th 2012

Read more ...Once upon a time Albert Raisner, Biography*
"Albert left us, in the early hours of this new year, at the age of 88. A life of emotions, discoveries and music. A life dedicated to the harmonica, an instrument so close to his heart, his public and his children. Read more ...
Published February 11th 2011

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